Month: September 2018

2D design still has a place in a world with 3D, AR & VR

With the great advancements experienced through 3D, AR and VR one may wonder if 2D design still has a place in this world. The answer to this question relates to the use of these technologies and how good or bad are in different applications. Designing vs. drawing Google and Magic Leap apps are for creative […]

Immersive VR

Using Immersive Technology in Entertainment

Following the huge achievement of the Sports and Entertainment immersive technology Summit in San Francisco on November 17, they broadcast the Summit to London with a more extensive centre that takes a look at commercial applications and the open-door brand commitment to Immersive technology on games and entertainment companies. The Sports and Entertainment Immersion Technology […]

virtual reality

How VR Media Studios Can Help Your Business

Today social media platforms are filled with VR media studios. The question is how VR media studios can help your business? The reason for this increasing trend is that customers can be easily engaged in using short VR videos. Think yourself for a minute; everyone loves a good cartoon character with a strong message. Creating […]