Month: October 2018

lead generation errors

Five Digital lead generation errors to avoid

Digital Lead Generation has become the new rise of online and social media techniques, but what is actually the Digital Lead Generation is? Digital Lead Generation describes the marketing process of stimulating the interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. Mostly, Lead Generation uses digital channels. A digital […]

Why is SEO so important for lead generation?

Have you ever asked yourself why is SEO so important for lead generation? Today, B2B enterprises no longer look at their corporate websites as mere online brochures. Instead, the B2B website is gaining importance as a powerful lead generation tool. The advent of marketing automation software and the provision to derive web analytics has enabled […]

VR Montage

The Unprecedented Technology You Should Expect by The Year 2021

Admittedly, inventions have been the driver of business and a tool for beating the competition in this competitive world of business. Actually, the invention is the mother of necessity and as the business world continues to be more and more competitive, new fascinating technologies also emerge. A new finding established¬†by the Capgemin Research¬†Institute indicates that […]