Aiyuguang Solar Energy Amazon Agrees on Deal for Leicestershire Site to Be Powered by Tesla Panels

Amazon Agrees on Deal for Leicestershire Site to Be Powered by Tesla Panels

Amazon, the powerhouse of e-commerce and distribution, has recently agreed to a deal for one of its warehouses to be powered by Tesla solar panels, alongside a battery storage system. Amazon hopes to use the solar energy and battery storage to help power their operations, which is just another step on their journey of large technological pushes to reduce their carbon footprint.

The latest plan was released and claims that Amazon plans to add a solar array, or a collection of solar cells and panels, capable of producing 3.6 megawatts as well as a storage facility for the energy in its UK facility, located in Leicestershire. This is following the success of a similar solar battery system installed at a facility in Tilbury, London.

Approval from the North West District Council of Leicestershire was granted in October for the installation of the massive project: the Telsa Panels and the battery storage system. Although the exact size of the power and storage unit is unclear from any of the public documents, it appears that an intricate and large system of at least 15 “Powerpack units” that are larger than the units in Tilbury are being proposed to power the fulfilment centre.

The buy itself is not so clear yet, but it’s being reported that the newest battery is set to be able to fulfill at least a third of the warehouse’s energy needs for the year. As a major user of energy, it is inspiring to see Amazon putting a foot forth to depend on clean and natural energy to power their large facilities.

It is also being reported that Amazon, within the next 18 months, plans to install a number of rooftop solar power systems across all of its UK fulfilment centres aimed to bring flexibility to local and national services. Aside from the two plans that are approved, Amazon has submitted planning documents for new installations at 3 other centres. Amazon isn’t the only large tech companies committed to becoming leaders in the clean energy industry. Other tech companies such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are rushing to add clean energy to most or all of their facilities around the globe. Clean energy purchases have set new records this year and are projected to exceed those records for 2019.

While inspiring to the world, this should be troubling to the fossil fuel industry. These large tech industries teaming up with leaders in clean solar energy poses a potential problem to them, and that problem is tech companies encroaching on their territory. Less than ten years ago three of the top five most valuable companies were oil producers. In 2018 Amazon and other tech companies are beginning to populate these most valuable lists and there are no signs of slowing down.

Spending on the development of the oil and gas industries has declined by over 3-billion dollars in the past five years while doubling in the solar energy industry. With these large profitable companies, such as Amazon, spending large amounts of money on converting to solar energy it should be concerning to the oil companies. Although there has been a lot of resistance through the years towards clean and renewable energy, these thought leaders have the capabilities to begin changing the relationship between industry and oil.

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