Aiyuguang Technology Here are the intuitive updates IBM have made to Cognos Analytics

Here are the intuitive updates IBM have made to Cognos Analytics

Cognos is a software suite developed by IBM that makes it easier for persons without much technical knowledge to extract desired information from the system, analyse it and use the same to make detailed reports.

There have been various improvements on the suite over the years with the latest being credited for lifting a load of users. This is by shifting the analytics aspect of the suite to an automated set up that allows for less experienced users to let the system derive and analyse data as opposed to the user carrying out the same procedure which can be laborious and takes up more time.

The new system gives administrative’ rights to all users in the system. This new feature allows any party to view all their entries as opposed to earlier versions that only allowed particular users with specific Administrative rights to monitor and schedule jobs within the system. You can now also save your work in PDF format which makes it possible to share a particular assignment with other parties, perhaps for verification purposes and also allows the same information to be printed from a mobile device of choice.

It removes the previous restrictions that only allowed the data to be viewed and edited within the system. You do not have to as an Administrator now goes through the tedious process of verifying each user’s details when you want to switch to another Open ID Connect provider type. This is after a more simplified and automated procedure was introduced in the new version of Cognos Analytics that takes care of the task.

You can also work directly from your dashboard to get information from a particular report or reports that you need in your current dashboard. All you have to do is select the parameters of the kind of information that you are looking for and the system will look for the information in question for the system and display it for you from one or more reports. The new version of Cognos Analytics has also gone into identifying different shortcomings in its previous versions that have ended up in more than 140 different modifications in the system to make it more effective in performing its functions.

All in all, it is safe to say that the new version is definitely more attractive to a bigger variety of users and certainly more functional, which is a fantastic tool for the business world, with Anaplan training available across the UK and sure to prepare your staff to increase their productivity and efficiency as your company looks to grow and expand.

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