Aiyuguang Technology Why is SEO so important for lead generation?

Why is SEO so important for lead generation?

Have you ever asked yourself why is SEO so important for lead generation? Today, B2B enterprises no longer look at their corporate websites as mere online brochures. Instead, the B2B website is gaining importance as a powerful lead generation tool.

The advent of marketing automation software and the provision to derive web analytics has enabled the tracking and analysis of website visitor activity, behavior, and intent, resulting in the better qualification of leads and better conversion rates.

In such a scenario, it is critical that the website itself is optimized to drive a high volume and quality of traffic from search engines via organic search results.

Why is SEO so important for lead generation?

It helps improve the visibility of a website or specific page in search engines through natural or organic search. As opposed to outbound marketing SEO is an inbound marketing technique that aids marketers to be found by prospects.

SEO is important because it addresses key areas that marketers need to focus on while selling their product or service and advertising online – create awareness, help acquire new customers, convert visitors to customers and optimize the marketing efforts to target buyers. Increased traffic to site guarantees increased sales.

Keywords are used to search for information on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, etc. Targeting a single keyword for SEO will not be fruitful; hence marketers must target a group of keywords.

It is important to make sure that the right keyword density is used for the landing page. The rule of thumb is to achieve a keyword density of 5% of total copy per page.

Marketing automation software enabled web analytics, and business intelligence technology enables site owners to measure their success and improve their sites’ conversion rates. Using such software marketing automation companies can enable their SEO teams to:

Identify Search keywords – Helps to identify words used for searches or hovered upon. SEO is one of the best strategies that many businesses making use of lead generation services to do, in placing their keywords correctly so that the clients can easily identify them.

In turn when the keywords are easily visible so many people will be able to click through them thus more leads to the business.

Create LPs – Helps to build high-quality landing pages and content that attract and engage the visitor’s attention. This, in turn, will increase the number of leads to your business.

Related Links – Helps to identify and associate with sources that bring in relevant and credible links, resulting in higher Page Rank.

Deduce Intent – Helps to understand the ‘intent’ of the visitors based on their website activity and behavior, leading to better qualification and conversion rates.

If you have been wondering why is SEO so important for lead generation, then you should not worry by looking at the above guide you will no longer ignore SEO. SEO is the best thing that you should practice in case you have an e-commerce site and you wish to generate more leads. Try it today and see how wonderful it is.

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